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We help our SAT Prep students set clear goals, and hold those students accountable through every part of the testing process.

Our Approach

We’ve helped hundreds of students strive for their score goals. Along the way, we developed tried and true methods that get consistent results. However, that doesn’t mean we’re stuck in our ways. At every turn, we’ve made it a priority to have the best available resources and teaching technology on-hand. With these tools and our experience, we’ve designed a potent recipe for SAT Prep success.

We handle the SAT and ACT differently, but many of the skills we teach will help your student on both tests. For more information on our ACT Prep approach, visit our ACT Prep page.

To meet the challenge of the SAT, we equip our students with proven tools and strategies – but never shortcuts. You can’t fake your way through this exam, so our instruction focuses on improving students’ reading comprehension and mathematical reasoning skills.

"When it came time to take her SAT, she was fully prepared and exhilirated about the potential improvement...The increase in her score was significant. While I would recommend Lee Tutoring, what is more important is that my daughter would recommend them."
- Tammy R.
St. Pete Parent

SAT Scoring

The SAT is scored out of a total of 1600 points. 400 are available from Reading, 400 more from Writing and Language, and 800 from Mathematics. No matter what score your student is looking to achieve, there are only two sections that can be Superscored. If a school permits Superscoring (many do, check the individual college’s admissions webpage for specific information), Reading and Writing will combine for half the score, and the No-Calculator section will join with the Calculator section for the other half. That means Reading and Writing will not be Superscored individually – only as a combined figure. 

Before our first session with a new SAT Prep student, we’ll look at their past scores to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. We’ll check to make sure your student is taking the right test for them, as it may be beneficial to switch testing focus to the ACT. Our testing plan, though, will never be finalized until we sit down with a student to discover more about their goals and ambitions.

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Is your student taking the right test?

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